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About Allo

Allo is a Los Angeles-based company founded by inventor Benji Miller. The Allo is the world’s first bike mount and speaker combination, giving cyclists a safe and easy way to access their music, navigation, phone and other smartphone capabilities while riding. Allo is dedicated to making biking safer, more convenient and more enjoyable.

About Benji Miller


Inventor, Cycle Enthusiast and Entrepreneur

Benji Miller is the CEO inventor of the Allo, the world’s first bike mount and speaker combination.

Currently a high school student in Santa Monica, Benji invented the Allo because of his passion for biking and music. Since he began riding his bike to school every day at age 14, he noticed that many bikers illegally and unsafely use their earbuds or phones while riding. He wanted to create a way for cyclists to use their smartphones while still being safe. With this idea, he bought a bike mount from Amazon, a cheap speaker from RadioShack and used a paper clip to hold them in place. This was the first prototype for the Allo. Since then, he has worked with product specialist to develop the durable bike mount that is the Allo today.

The Allo is not Benji’s first entrepreneurial endeavor. In 2007, at age 11, he established a vending machine business. In 2012, he sold his business for a respectable profit. In addition, Benji is an intern for One Voice, a nonprofit organization helping impoverished families in the Los Angeles area.